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Latest Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Elite Care Client Satisfaction Survey 2015/16


Every  year we send out a questionnaire to all our clients asking them how they feel about the service they receive from us. In March 2016 we sent out 50 surveys and received 35 returns with 2 partially completed.

The survey was  framed around the 5 key lines of enquiry that  the Care Quality Commission use when inspecting our service ie. that it should be responsive,caring, safe,  well led and effective.

 With a number of aspects of the service, we asked responders to grade their satisfaction  from 1-5, with 5 being the highest level of satisfaction.

Last year's figures are in brackets.

1. Responsive 

     97% (97%) of respondents were involved in the decision to use Elite Care Agency .

     97% (97%) of respondents were involved in planning their care services.

    93% (93%) of respondents did not want to change anything in  their care plan.


2. Caring

Satisfaction scores where 100% is maximum possible score:

     a) that the care plan is reviewed regularly enough:  94% (93%)

     b) that we arrive on time                                           88% (90%)

     c) that we stay for agreed length of time                   97% (94%)

     d) that we listen and act on what you say                 95% ( 98%)

     e) that we respect your privacy and dignity               98% (99%)

     f) that we do things the way you like them done        98% (98%)   

      and give you time to do things for yourself

       if you want to                                                          

     g) that we are flexible enough when you need

        to make changes to your visits                              99%  (99%)


   3. Safe

93% (100%)of those who responded said that they were aware who they could speak to if they felt threatened or mistreated by anyone.

97% (97% ) of responders felt carers worked hygienically with frequent hand washing. 1 did not know


    4. Well Led

100% of responders found management and office staff to be approachable and easy to contact.

97% (94 %) of responders felt that that carers have the right training and skills        

97% of responders knew how to make a complaint

5. Effective

100% (100%) of responders said they would recommend Elite Care to others.

85% (96%)of responders said their life had improved since they started receiving services from Elite. 11% reported no change in quality of life. 1 responder said their quality of life had worsened due to progresive illness.


      Comparison of Customers' Overall Rating of Service 2011-2015 




2014 2013 2012




60 68 51 63

Very Good


40 29 32 47




3 16 3














We are very grateful to clients and their families who responded to our survey . The information we receive is used to continually improve our service.